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September 12, 2018
Jennifer Nettles on How She Finally Broke into the Country Music Scene

The 'Sugarland' singer was determined to have her music heard.

Musician Jennifer Nettles is the lead vocalist of Sugarland—you know, the wildly popular country music duo that has collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi. But despite her impressive CV, Nettles says her path to success didn’t come easy.

Nettles got her start performing in church and looking to other singers for inspiration. She spent nearly a decade touring the country with "little independent bands," hoping for her big break. It wasn’t until she joined Sugarland—alongside Kristian Bush—that she was able to break into the mainstream country music scene. Even then, though, the duo didn't become a household name overnight.

“We put together this whole big showcase…it was probably a 2,000 seater,” Nettles remembered, "and we invited all these label heads down and nobody came." They were, of course, incredibly disappointed, but they didn't let the failure slow them down.

Instead, they regrouped and decided to plan another showcase, in Nashville this time. They bussed in a charter bus full of fans—and it totally worked. By the end of the night, they had a record deal.

Now, looking back, Nettles feels that her success is that much sweeter since she worked so hard for it. "If you know your purpose, it definitely helps you on your path," Nettles explains. "Sometimes the parts of us that feel like they are the most wounded or the weakest end up being our biggest strengths."

Check out Sugarland's album Bigger, in stores now.

May 25, 2018
Jennifer Nettles and Christian Siriano Share Sneak Peek at Sugarland Tour Costumes (Exclusive)

Only ET was invited along for a styling session with the singer and the designer. Sugarland's 'Still the Same Tour' kicks off May 25.

May 31, 2018
Can Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles Do Her Own Tour Makeup? Watch Kristofer Buckle Teach Her How

LINDY SEGAL May 31, 2018 04:02 PMIt’s official: Sugarland. Is. Back. The country duo has a new album (out June 8), Bigger, and a new tour this summer after taking a hiatus in 2012, and singer Jennifer Nettles couldn’t be more excited.

“Getting to perform these songs that we haven’t performed in a while together has been so thrilling, but moreover the new music,” Nettles told PEOPLE as she prepped for the video above. “It is absolutely delightful and so joyful to put that new music out there.”

And another thing the star is excited about? Her costumes, designed for her by Christian Siriano. “He has designed some beautiful, beautiful pieces for me,” Nettles said. So naturally, the singer tapped her longtime makeup artist Kristofer Buckle for a beauty look worthy of her wardrobe.

“I wanted the makeup to be that level but I wanted to still be able to do it myself,” Nettles explains. “I’ve done my own makeup on tour since I started. It’s definitely like a transformational part for me, going from the rest of the day into show mode.”

So in preparation for her time on the road, we put Nettles up to the ultimate challenge to see if she’s really ready for the “Still the Same” tour.

The singer and Buckle came to PEOPLE HQ for a game we call “Celeb Beauty School,” and Buckle completed each component of her makeup look, but only on one side of her face (see where we’re going with this?). Then, Nettles had to recreate the look on the other side, in the hopes that, in the end, no one would be able to tell the difference. Watch the video above to see how she fared! (Spoiler: With a couple of exceptions, she passed with flying colors.)

Buckle’s creation, which is inspired by both the Siriano-designed wardrobe and the show’s “vintage circus” theme, is glamorous and shimmery — and even features a few delicate rhinestones. But there are takeaways for those of us who won’t be onstage anytime soon as well.

The look — which the makeup artist created mostly using products from his own Kristofer Buckle collection — begins with contour and highlight — both of which help give the cheekbones and nose structure. (Note: Nettles was prepped with foundation and concealer beforehand.) Contour goes below the cheekbone, while highlighter goes above it to chisel out a strong line. And on the nose, Buckle notes that a bit of highlighter on the tip gives the illusion of a more lifted appearance.

And although Nettles’ eye makeup is on the dramatic side, you can copy many of Buckle’s tips for your next night on the town. For example, a base eyeshadow the same shade as your skin tone helps colors on top pop. And a little white eyeliner in the inner corner of your bottom lid will make you look instantly more vibrant and awake.

But the most stressful part of the process for Nettles comes with the false eyelashes. (They’re using Ardell 600 Wispies.) And she says it was the same back when she starred as Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway too.

“People ask me, ‘What’s the most anxious part of doing Broadway?’ and I’m like ‘Girl, putting on my eyelashes!’ I was terrified every night I had to do it.”

The secrets? Put on mascara first, and use either black or clear lash glue — then let it set for a second before you apply the lashes so the glue isn’t too goopy, and sticks right away.

For all of Buckle’s genius tips, watch the video above. And see Nettles’ makeup in-person at Sugarland’s “Still the Same” tour this summer, which runs through Labor Day.

—Reporting by Jackie Fields

May 13, 2018
Jennifer Nettles ’97 speaks at Agnes Scott College's 129th Commencement

Jennifer Nettles ’97 speaks at Agnes Scott College's 129th Commencement

May 10, 2018
Jennifer Nettles Is Breathless Over Siriano-Designed Tour Wardrobe

When Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush walked out on the stage together at the 2017 Country Music Association awards last November, it elicited spirited applause and even more spirited whispers. Could they be reuniting after a six-year hiatus?


From 2002 to 2012, Nettles and Bush, collectively known as Sugarland, were among the most popular duos in country music, selling in excess of 10 million records domestically, racking up seven number-one singles, two Grammy Awards and five consecutive CMA Vocal Duo of the Year trophies. Their successful run came to a halt in 2012 when Nettles’ pregnancy prompted a break and both spent time on solo projects.

But on May 25 in Augusta, Ga., Sugarland will officially hit the road again, embarking on a 50-city tour between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And their reunion album, “Bigger” on Big Machine Records and UMG Nashville, will be released on June 8.

Since flying solo, Nettles has spread her wings in a number of directions including acting on television — she played Dolly Parton’s mother in the “Coat of Many Colors” and its sequel — as well as appearing on Broadway, where she was featured in “Chicago.” Bush, meanwhile, concentrated on his songwriting, was featured in a video game and also recorded solo, but neither found the success individually that they had enjoyed as a duo.

And so the Bigger tour is much anticipated by the country music community eager to embrace Sugarland’s return. With this as the backdrop, Nettles turned to designer Christian Siriano to create a custom wardrobe for her to wear that she expects to make a memorable splash with audiences.

“I’ve had the pleasure and honor of wearing some of Christian’s pieces before for red-carpet events,” Nettles told WWD during a fitting at Siriano’s atelier. “And once the theme for this tour started to take shape, I knew I wanted to collaborate with someone who could really make something special to fit it.”

She described the tour as having “sort of a vintage circus vibe. And I immediately thought of Christian because he’s so versatile and he has such a fantastic ability to capture grace and elegance and drama and edge all at the same time. This is a music show, it’s not a high tea, and he has a wonderful eye for that rock ‘n’ roll vibe in addition to making beautiful things.”

Siriano, who launched his namesake collection in 2008 and has been a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America since 2013, has been the go-to designer for a wide range of celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong’o, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga.

“When we chatted,” Siriano said of Nettles, “we wanted things to mix and match and nothing was set in stone. And that’s kind of exciting for me because I could get to have fun and we could kind of play. And Jennifer gets to do what she wants every night, so one night she might be feeling all drama the whole time and the next night, she’s exhausted, so she can just do two looks. That’s nice for the audience too because they all get different worlds.”

Nettles agrees. “In this world of social media where everybody has a camera at the show, people want to feel like their experience is different, special and unique. So it doesn’t mean you’ve got the same wardrobe every night and every single picture for the whole tour looks the same.”

Siriano said the wardrobe starts with a base of black-and-white striped pieces, many of which are bodysuits — some high-neck, others lower, some that will get beading, some that won’t — that will be layered under feather jackets that can be worn with a chiffon skirt or an alternative bottom. There’s a “ringleader jacket” designed to coordinate with a wide-leg pant, and a variety of overskirts. “It’s all about mixing and developing,” he said.

Siriano said during the design process he looked back at the outfits Nettles had worn on stage previously as well as her editorial and red-carpet looks for inspiration. “I also wanted to make sure there were some fashion elements because that’s something nice that not every show gets to have,” he said. “So hopefully they’ll feel theatrical but still modern and cool. We want people to say: ‘I want to look like that.’ This is a dream world. We’re transporting them.”

Nettles said when Siriano shared his first sketches, she told him: “I am breathing into a paper bag. He’s just nailed it and that’s the beautiful thing about working with an artist who is so wonderful at what he does. He takes these ideas that are in my head — I’m not visually [creative], that’s not my foray, I will stick to the performing arts — and made something fantastic.”

She said having a wardrobe specifically designed for the tour also “takes the music to the next level because it adds a visual element. Otherwise, just listen to it in your headphones.”

On the tour, Sugarland will undoubtedly reach into their rich archives while also sharing new music. The first single from the new album was “Still the Same,” which referenced their hiatus and return with lyrics such as: “Our future is our history.”

The album also includes a surprise that created a major social media buzz when it was revealed a couple of weeks ago: the song “Babe,” written by Taylor Swift.

“For Kristian and myself, we had never put a song on any of our albums that we didn’t write,” Nettles said. “So it was really exciting to us to be offered one in that way. We all started out at the same time and since that time, she has gone on to have such great success and well-deserved acclaim. She was a fan of ours and was excited about us getting back together and said, ‘I have a song, would you be interested?’ And we thought, ‘Yes, please, but don’t let us mess this up because we’ve never done this before. So let’s record it, see how we interpret it, and moreover, see if she likes it. That’s a personal thing as an artist for somebody to take something of yours and reinterpret it. Thankfully, she loved it and wanted to sing on it, which is great.”

Although the tour doesn’t kick off for a couple of weeks, Sugarland has been promoting it and the album release on the talk show circuit the past couple of weeks, and Nettles is ready to get moving.

And while 50 dates may sound like a lot over the course of the summer, Nettles, who will bring along her five-year-old son Magnus Miller on the tour, isn’t concerned. “It’s a lot, but when I first started out and we were in the grind to prove ourselves, we would do almost 200 shows a year, so this is easy.”

September 13, 2017
Jennifer Nettles Performs a Magical Rendition of "No Good Deed" from Wicked the Musical

Hear Jennifer Nettles put her signature sound on a classic broadway tune, "No Good Deed"!

September 8, 2017
Jennifer Nettles Releases King of the City In Remembrance of 9/11

Listen to Jennifer Nettles' latest single, King of the City!

July 30, 2017
Mamma Mia! Still Shines at the Hollywood Bowl: EW Review

No musical has done more with less than Mamma Mia!, the 2001 Broadway phenomenon which spread its feel-good message to over 400 cities worldwide, re-ignited the music of ABBA, and sparked dozens of derivative jukebox musical attempts, and did it all while pulling in billions from its Broadway and West End, touring, cruise ship, and movie endeavors. Though the show closed on Broadway in 2015, this train keeps chugging, and its latest professional incarnation — the coveted annual summer musical slot at the Hollywood Bowl — is a fairly good indicator of how time has not caused this perennial crowd-pleaser to lose its purpose.

In an era where every new pop in culture is deemed either “total escapism!” or “a necessary mirror to society!”, Mamma Mia! floats in a dreamy purgatory between both where the only important currency is fun. Insane as that diagnosis sounds, the show — written by Catherine Johnson, with music by ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus — has always been but a vehicle to some greater euphoria. Neither its undercooked story nor frayed strings of logic have magically changed in the Hollywood Bowl’s baby-blue bauble of a production, directed by three-time Tony winner Kathleen Marshall. But modern malaise bedamned, that same inimitable dose of glee still packs quite a punch when one of those infectious ABBA tunes begins.

Jennifer Nettles, the lead singer of country duo Sugarland, leads the cast as Donna Sheridan, a resort owner who — come on, you have to know this by now — unexpectedly reunites with three of her former lovers (Jaime Camil, Steven Weber, Hamish Linklater) after her 20-year-old daughter Sophie (Dove Cameron) invites them all to her wedding, convinced of each man’s possible paternity. In a colorful performance, Nettles nails the pent-up energy and desperate unraveling of the character (because, truly, what an insane thing to happen to a woman, single, pregnant, and disowned, forced to build a life for herself and raise a daughter on the Greek isle where she was abandoned by her best shot at love, to have to come face to face with her three biggest heartbreaks on the day of her daughter’s already stressful wedding). The singer’s voice takes its time finding the pocket where her pop-country plunk meshes comfortably with the classic tones of musical theater, but by the time she belts out her act two stunner “The Winner Takes It All,” Nettles more than earns her mid-show standing ovation. By its own design, the Hollywood Bowl production can often be a venue for local actors to put on a costume but not necessarily play a role, spending their moments onstage winking to the audience (see: Lea DeLaria as Donna’s questionably styled friend, Rosie), but Nettles is also among the production’s handful of performers to offer a real glimpse of emotionality.her mid-show standing ovation. By its own design, the Hollywood Bowl production can often be a venue for local actors to put on a costume but not necessarily play a role, spending their moments onstage winking to the audience (see: Lea DeLaria as Donna’s questionably styled friend, Rosie), but Nettles is also among the production’s handful of performers to offer a real glimpse of emotionality.

The performance’s other standouts: 21-year-old Cameron, a rising Disney Channel star (and the single best part of NBC’s Hairspray Live!), grounds the show with poise and pitch-perfect melody, finding the right balance as Donna’s naïve, optimistic daughter. Tisha Campbell-Martin, the sitcom star from Martinan My Wife and Kids, is a clear kinetic pace-setter for the cast; her Real Housewives of ABBA spin on Donna’s cougar pal, Tanya, resulted in the few book scenes that truly worked (as the Bowl’s size can often devour the nuances of comedic timing) as well as a legitimate showstopper in “Does Your Mother Know.” Stage staple Hamish Linklater continues his dependable streak, evidenced both in the theatre and with his budding cred in Hollywood (recently, FX’s Legion); Linklater slips on his character shoes as Donna’s high-strung former beau, Harry, and walks away with some of the show’s most charming moments.

Marshall’s direction keeps the energy flowing, despite swallowed-up book scenes, with her proven keen eye toward production numbers, spreading a 20-something ensemble across the stage to conjure the jubilance from crowd pleasers like “Dancing Queen,” “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!,” and “Does Your Mother Know” to their most effective degree. It’s in these core songs — and the iconic titular paranoia pop number — that Mamma Mia! lives or dies. With a more than game cast bringing the brightest colors out of Derek McLane’s practical, pleasant Greek set, not to mention themselves for three nights only, the game-changing musical and its hypnosis over even the most jaded crowd continues to prove why these jukeboxes stay in operation.

July 28, 2017
Jennifer Nettles Talks Emotions Of Performing 'Mamma Mia!'

Days ahead of taking the Hollywood Bowl stage for "Mamma Mia!", Jennifer Nettles chats with Access Hollywood about her upcoming performance and the emotions of the show. And, does she have a favorite ABBA song?

May 23, 2017
Jennifer Nettles Hits the Stage for Band Against Cancer Premiering May 28 on AXS TV

Country music diva Jennifer Nettles takes the stage at the renowned CMA Theater in Nashville, Tenn. to raise funds and awareness for a very important cause. The multiple Grammy Award-winning songstress teamed with cancer specialist Sarah Cannon and Big Machine Label Group to deliver a special concert to support Band Against Cancer which premieres May 28 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT, only on AXS TV.

Sarah Cannon’s Band Against Cancer movement seeks to connect people facing cancer with the help, support and resources they need close to home. Nettles joins an elite list of music artists who have united and raised their voices for the cause including Martina McBrideLittle Big TownCharles Esten, and Brad Paisley.

The exciting hour of Playing with Fire. She performs fan favorite songs like “Sugar,” “Something More,” “Baby Girl” and

Nettles is a bubbly, seasoned songstress who engages her audience with stellar vocals and her sunny personality. She boasts one of the most powerful female voices on the current country music scene and her penchant for telling relatable, emotional stories in her song catalog keeps her large legion of fans coming back for more.

Nettles is also an avid philanthropist who has supported a variety of charitable causes over the course of her career. As a Band Against Cancer artist ambassador, Nettles is helping the important initiative fulfill its goal to empower communities to fight cancer together. You can catch a sneak peak of Nettles' Band Against Cancer concert in the attached video. 

Visit the Band Against Cancer website for more information about this critical movement.

Tune into “Jennifer Nettles: Band Against Cancer” this Sunday, May 28, at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on AXS TV. Find AXS TV on your TV. Stay tuned to AXS for Jennifer Nettles updates.

April 25, 2017
Jennifer Nettles: On World Malaria Day, No Parent Should Watch Their Child Die From a Bug Bite

Tuesday, April 25, is World Malaria Day. Malaria is an infectious disease claiming the lives of now 429,000 people each year – mostly children.

Living in the South most of my life, I am all too familiar with the annoyance of mosquitos, especially in the evening. But I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to live with mosquitoes beyond annoyance; an insect bite that might mean the death of my sweet little boy. Millions of mothers and fathers face that fear around the globe year after year, whereby malaria claims the life of one child every two minutes.

The good news is that the number of deaths from malaria per year is down by 48 percent since 2000. We have made historic, epic strides in treating and eradicating malaria with new testing methods, widespread distribution of insecticide-treated nets, and introduction of artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) to prevent deaths worldwide from mosquito bites. 

Nearly 1 million people were dying each year from a mosquito bite just fifteen years ago, but today, we’ve cut that number in half thanks to prudent funding and programs through the integrated efforts of the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), launched by President George W. Bush, and the strategic efforts of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. 

A nimble public-private partnership, the Global Fund is a financing institution that funds the response to malaria in countries worldwide, while the PMI provides talented U.S. field teams who offer technical support to malaria control programs, facilitating the implementation of Global Fund grants.

Together, these two humanitarian efforts reinforce each other’s effectiveness, collaborating on cutting-edge prevention measures and ensuring transparency and efficiency.

The Global Fund has led the extraordinary distribution of more than 713 million insecticide treated bednets and the treatment of 626 million cases of malaria worldwide. 

Among children under age five, the malaria death rate is down 69 percent since the year 2000. Prevention works. 

“End Malaria for Good” is the global theme for Tuesday’s tribute on World Malaria Day to both the success gained and the ongoing battle. Absent efforts, malaria could resurge within just one infectious season.

Currently, President Donald J. Trump’s budget recommends a 28 percent cut for the entire International Affairs Account. A more detailed budget proposal to come soon will have varying levels of funding for line items, like HIV/AIDS, nutrition, and family planning associated with global health and poverty focused development assistance.  The proposals for cuts to PMI and the Global Fund, and how Congress responds, are deeply important.

We must ask ourselves today, what would happen if Congress allowed for cuts to funding for PMI and the Global Fund, both initiatives Republicans and Democrats alike have solidly supported in recent years?

How many fewer bed nets will be provided? How many mothers will we have to tell that we simply aren’t able to offer her child the treatment s/he needs to fight this infectious disease? How many lives will be lost? How have we squandered a chance to move closer to eliminating this threat to innocent kids?

As President George W. Bush has said, “I am confident that with renewed focus and determination, we can finish the job, and ensure that no child dies from a mosquito bite."

We are a country dedicated to security, progress, and compassion. We lose these values among nations worldwide if we decide not to lead the world in funding and systematically enhancing programs to “end malaria for good” as we have done for the last two administrations. 

Join me in calling your member of Congress today to encourage them to fully restore funding for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Because no parent should watch their child die from a bug bite.

Jennifer Nettles is a Grammy-winning singer/song-writer, performer and an activist for women’s and children’s health in developing nations, specifically Guatemala. She and her husband live in Nashville, Tenn., with their son. She is a member of Hope Through Healing Hands’ Faith Based Coalition for Healthy Mothers and Children Worldwide

March 19, 2017
See Jennifer Nettles' Sassy 'Drunk in Heels' on 'Front and Center'

Jennifer Nettles and Brandy Clark co-wrote a string of songs for Nettles' Playing With Fire LP. One of the Front and Center, a special edition of the CMA Songwriter Series. (Watch the "Drunk in Heels" performance above.)

For Nettles, Playing With Fire, released last May, was a transformative musical endeavor and one that involved taking risks, even if that meant addressing real-life situations in ways that might have made others uncomfortable, such as the challenges of caring for her infant son while traveling cross-country. The trek ultimately inspired Nettles and Clark to pen "Drunk in Heels."

Joining the three-time Grammy winner on Front and Center are Clark and singer-songwriter Amos Lee. Other artists participating in the new season include the Cadillac Three, Dawes, Cheap Trick and Shawn Mendes. Check local listings for airdates and times. 

March 19, 2017
Front and Center Debuts Jennifer Nettles’ CMA Songwriters Series Performance

Front and Center is enlisting the help of Grammy Award winner Jennifer Nettles to continue the momentum behind a star-studded seventh season.

In an exclusive debut clip of the episode, which was filmed at New York’s Iridium, Nettles is joined by CMA Award-winning singer/songwriter Brandy Clark to perform her hit song, “Love Can Go to Hell.” She also gets a little help from friend Amos Lee, later in the episode, to perform two additional songs including Sugarland’s beloved “Very Last Country Song.”

Best known for her role as the lead singer of the duo Sugarland, Nettles, 42, recently made news for revealing that she feels “liberated” by her solo career, despite early concerns that she wouldn’t be comfortable on her own.

“The whole impetus behind going solo was an artistic inspiration in the sense that, obviously success is fantastic,” she said in an interview with her label, Big Machine Label Group. “But as one becomes successful and gets branded with a certain sound if the brand starts to become more of the focus than the evolution of the art then that’s putting the cart before the horse. And I could see that actually happening.”

February 14, 2017

Fandango’s Chris Witherspoon joins guest co-host Jennifer Nettles in Studio 1A as Kathie Lee Gifford quizzes TODAY fans on animated TV and movie trivia in a lively round of Who Knew. (By the way, the answer is: Mickey Mouse).

February 9, 2017
Jennifer Nettles Reveals Her Embarrassing Moment with Bruce Springsteen

In a game of “Country Confessions,” Sheinelle Jones and Al Roker get to know country singer Jennifer Nettles. She admits to her weakness for “fangirl-ing” and recalls her embarrassing encounter with Bruce Springsteen.

December 19, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Debuts New Video for Hey Heartbreak

Jennifer Nettles debuts her new music video for "Hey Heartbreak." Shot in Santa Barbara, California and directed by Shane Drake. Click Read More to watch the video! 

December 8, 2016
Jennifer Nettles performs for SiriusXM’s 12 Days of Country Christmas

As part of SiriusXM’s 12 Days of Country Christmas, country music star Jennifer Nettles stopped by the SiriusXM studios and gave us a special performance of tracks from her new Christmas album and an interview about her love for the holidays. Tune in to Country Christmas (Ch. 58) on Friday, Dec. 9 at 6 p.m. ET to hear the full interview with host Joey Black.

December 9, 2016
Make Jennifer Nettles’ Favorite Brussels Sprouts Recipe for Your Own Country Christmas

Time to veg out! Brussels sprouts may be the in-demand side dish at hip farm-to-table restaurants these days, but when Jennifer Nettles was growing up in Georgia, they “weren’t the foodie hit they’ve become,” the Nashville-based To Celebrate Christmas singer tells Us.

December 9, 2016
Jennifer Nettles to Perform on AXS TV Christmas Special

Join AXS TV and Jennifer Nettles as we bring you 'Tis The Season, a Christmas special LIVE from The CMA Theater in Nashville airing Tuesday, December 20th at 9/8c. Jennifer will perform a blend of holiday classics and modern favorites from her latest album, "To Celebrate Christmas." The special is raising funds and awareness for the Band Against Cancer movement.

November 30, 2016
Jennifer Nettles and Ricky Schroder Stop By the Today Show

Country music singer and actress Jennifer Nettles and former “NYPD Blue” star Ricky Schroder portray Dolly Parton’s parents in the new holiday film “Christmas of Many Colors.” Nettles tells TODAY about her “pinch-me” moment: when she performed with Dolly on “The Voice.”

November 30, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Performs With Dolly Parton on The Voice

Jennifer Nettles and Dolly Parton join The Voice's Top 10 for a performance of "Circle of Love."

November 28, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Kicks Off Holidays With 'CMA Country Christmas' & Dolly Parton Movie

Move over, Mrs. Claus: Jennifer Nettles, the reigning Queen of Christmas, is back to usher in the holiday season with a three-day marathon of holiday cheer. It all kicks off with CMA Country Christmason Monday night (Nov. 28), then an appearance on The Voice on Tuesday, and finally the TV movie sequel Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love on Wednesday, where she'll reprise her role as young Dolly’s mom.

November 3, 2016
8 Past CMA Award Winners Reveal What It's Really Like to Win

In honor of the show's 50th anniversary, we asked past winners to share their thoughts on Country Music's Biggest Night.

October 28, 2016
To Celebrate Christmas Available Now!

The brand new Christmas album from Jennifer Nettles is available now!

Jennifer Nettles, To Celebrate Christmas Track Listing:

1. “Go Tell It on the Mountain”

2. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (featuring Andra Day)

3. “Little Drummer Boy” (featuring Idina Menzel)

4. “Celebrate Me Home”

5. “Circle of Love”

6. “Do You Hear What I Hear”

7. “Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep”

8. “O Holy Night”

9. “Merry Christmas With Love”

10. “The First Noel”

October 26, 2016
Jennifer Nettles to Perform at CMA Awards on November 2

“The 50th Annual CMA Awards” will air live Wednesday, November 2 on ABC. Country superstars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood returned as hosts and performers for the show. 

October 25, 2016
Jennifer Nettles to Return as Host of ‘CMA Country Christmas’

Seventh time is a charm for Jennifer Nettles who will be returning back to the Grand Ole Opry to host CMA Country Christmas. The show will air on Monday, November 28, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

October 10, 2016
Jennifer Named Judge for American Supergroup

Barry Josephson, Executive Producer, announced the award-winning, multi-platinum judges for American Supergroup, the new music competition series premiering on Pop Oct 11 at 8/7c; MTV Live, Oct 13 at 8/7c and MTV Classic Oct 14 at 7/6c. The four judges, all singer/songwriters, are: pop/soul artist Aloe Blacc, rock/blues artist Elle King, country superstar Jennifer Nettles and classic rock icon Jason Scheff, lead singer/bass player for Chicago. iHeartMedia 104.3MYFM’s Dave Styles is the show’s host.

American Supergroup is a music competition program showcasing the creation and evolution of the best newband in the country. Guided by a panel of music experts, 25 finalists will be selected to form 5 groups of 5 members each -- best guitarist, best drummer, best bass player, best keyboards, and best vocalist. Musical genres can be, but are not limited to, Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, Hard-Rock, and Alternative.  Audiences will interact with, and vote for, bands via social media platforms.  The show is currently being filmed in Nashville, Tennessee at Skyways Studios and there will be 8 weekly one-hour episodes ending with a 90-minute finale on December 6.    

Barry Josephson said: “American Supergroup is excited to announce a stellar panel of judges. Aloe, Elle, Jennifer and Jason are four brilliant singer-songwriters that bring tremendous expertise to the table.   Audiences will connect with the elite group of gifted musicians who will be mentored by our team of judges and celebrity guests.”

September 19, 2016
Celebrate Christmas with Jennifer Nettles Starting Now

Jennifer Nettles is prepping for the season early with the release of her first holiday album, 'To Celebrate Christmas', due out October 28 on Big Machine Records. The 10-track collection highlights Jennifer’s signature Country twang while her enthusiastic spirit illuminates the mix of festive anthems and traditional standards.

Pre-order 'To Celebrate Christmas' now:

Wrapping each track with care, GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Julian Raymond joined Jennifer in the studio. The project shines with dynamic harmonies with Tony Award-winner Idina Menzel on “Little Drummer Boy,” and the Jazz-influenced melody alongside American-soul sensation Andra Day on “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.” Friend and mentor – angelic icon Dolly Parton – penned “Circle Of Love” and teased the news of 'To Celebrate Christmas'. Jennifer will also star in the NBC television special based on Dolly’s life this December called Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love, a holiday-themed sequel to the rating success Coat of Many Colors.


1.   Go Tell It On The Mountain
2.   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (featuring Andra Day)
3.   Little Drummer Boy (featuring Idina Menzel)
4.   Celebrate Me Home
5.   Circle Of Love
6.   Do You Hear What I Hear
7.   Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep
8.   O Holy Night
9.   Merry Christmas With Love
10. The First Noel

“I’m such a lover of this season and all of the magical feelings that surround us during the holidays so it will be exciting to share it with fans at our live shows,” expressed Jennifer. “Especially since the birth of my son, who arrived to us in December, I’ve found even more joy Christmas traditions and music. Having both Idina and Andra lend their idyllic voices to some of my favorite songs is the bow on top!”

Jennifer will be hitting the road with 'To Celebrate Christmas' beginning in Nashville, TN (12/8) and continuing to Tallahassee, FL (12/9) as well as Lake Charles, LA (12/10). Tickets go on sale Friday, September 23 at

September 8, 2016
Jennifer Nettles To Sing Anthem At The Pilot Flying J Battle At Bristol


August 24, 2016
Dolly Parton's Christmas Of Many Colors: Circle Of Love Announced

Dolly Parton's Christmas Of Many Colors: Circle Of Love Announced

August 14, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Shares Her Secrets on Winding Down

Everybody has their own way to settle down after a long day at work. Whether it be binging on Netflix or indulging on an after-dinner treat, it’s the little things that can calm someone down from all the madness. Read how Jennifer winds down:

June 22, 2016
Gold Derby Q&A With Cast Of 'Coat Of Many Colors' Dolly Parton Biopic

Gold Derby Q&A With 'Coat Of Many Colors' Cast

The cast of the telefilm “Coat of Many Colors” gathered at SAG-AFTRA on Monday to honor the legendary Dolly Parton and make a direct pitch to Emmy voters. After a screening of the NBC telefilm about Parton’s childhood, actors Alyvia Alyn Lind, Ricky Schroder, and Jennifer Nettles along with executive producer Sam Haskell joined Gold Derby onstage for a lively Q&A!

June 21, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Talks Dolly Parton Biopic 'Coat Of Many Colors'

Jennifer Nettles Talks Coat Of Many Colors

May 25, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Performs With The Voice Finalist Alisan Porter

Jennifer Nettles performed "Unlove You" from her new album 'Playing With Fire' with The Voice finalist Alisan Porter.

May 23, 2016
Jennifer To Perform on ‘The Voice’ for Season 10 Finale

CeeLo Green is coming back for one night only during the season 10 finale on Tuesday, May 24, to duet with Team Pharrell Williams’ last remaining contestant, finalist Hannah Huston. The pair will perform Gnarls Barkley’s 2006 hit “Crazy.”

Jennifer Nettles will join Team Christina Aguilera’s finalist, Alisan Porter, to perform her latest song, “Unlove You”; Alison Krauss will perform Little Feat’s 1971 tune “Willin’” with Team Blake’s Adam Wakefield, and rock legend Joe Walsh will perform his 1973 classic “Rocky Mountain Way” with Team Adam Levine’s Laith Al-Saadi.

The Voice's two-part finale airs on NBC Monday, May 23, and Tuesday, May 24, at 8 p.m. ET.

Read more on Us Weekly here!

May 20, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Joins Snapchat Follow along: deeznetts

Jennifer Nettles joins Snapchat! Follow Jennifer at: deeznetts.

May 18, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Appears On Style Code Live

Jennifer Nettles appeared on Style Code Live with Frankie Grande and Rachel Smith to talk about her new album 'Playing With Fire!' Click here to watch the full episode.

Download Jennifer's album 'Playing With Fire' here.

May 18, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Sits Down With Nashville Lifestyles

Nashville Lifestyles caught up with Jennifer Nettles to talk about the second solo album, 'Playing With Fire,' juggling life as a mom, her Broadway debut and wrapping up the CMT Next Women of Country Tour. Click here to see the full Q&A.

May 16, 2016
Jennifer performs 'Unlove You' on the TODAY Show

Jennifer performs 'Unlove You' on the TODAY Show

May 16, 2016
Jennifer performs 'Hey Heartbreak' on the TODAY Show

Jennifer Nettles performed "Unlove You" and "Hey Heartbreak" from her new album 'Playing With Fire' on the TODAY Show! Click here to watch Jennifer perform "Unlove You" and click here to watch "Hey Heartbreak".

Download Jennifer's album 'Playing With Fire' here!

May 16, 2016
Sneak Peek: Jennifer is REDBOOK's June cover gal

Jennifer is REDBOOK's June cover gal and chats motherhood, facing her critics + more.

May 11, 2016
NBC Sets Sequel to ‘Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors’ for This Year

NBC is bringing back the original cast of last year’s holiday ratings winner “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors” for a sequel slated to air later this year.

May 9, 2016
Jennifer and Cheap Trick Nominated for CMT Performance of the Year

CMT Awards nominations were revealed this morning and Jennifer and Cheap Trick were nominated for CMT Performance of the Year for their CMT Crossroads performance of "I Want You to Want Me."

Vote now and tune in June 8 on CMT!

May 6, 2016
NPR First Listen: Playing With Fire New Album Available May 13

Pull back the curtain, it's time for a total stream sneak peek from NPR! Read More below to hear the full album before it is released on May 13.

May 5, 2016
USA Today First Listen of "My House" Feat. Jennifer Lopez

Talk about a power duo.

Two of music's best known Jennifers —Nettles and Lopez — have teamed up for a duet, My House. The song appears on Nettles' new album, Playing with Fire, out May 13 on Big Machine Records.

Read more to hear a preview of the new song!

April 26, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Live Tonight on HSN. 11PM ET.

For the first time ever, HSN has partnered with Big Machine Label Group to bring you an up close and personal music series featuring the world's most beloved country singers and songwriters. Watch Jennifer perform LIVE on HSN at 11PM ET and pre-order the new album with 5 LIVE bonus tracks!

March 12, 2016
CMT Premieres New Video for "Unlove You"

The CMT Next Women of Country are taking over CMT this weekend! Tune in to see Jennifer host a fun-filled weekend of music, shows, movies and more. Plus, watch the brand new music video for "Unlove You" during the Hot 20 Countdown Saturday and Sunday at 9a/8c. 

March 14, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Teams Up With Cheap Trick For CMT Crossroads

Jennifer Nettles joins Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Cheap Trick for a CMT Crossroads edition airing on Thursday, March 24 at 11pm ET. 

CMT Crossroads is a television show best known for pairing country music artists with artists from other genres for a once in a lifetime collaboration. Beginning in 2002, CMT Crossroads now has 52 episodes to date. Jennifer Nettles and Cheap Trick will soon add to the history of great performances! 

March 28, 2016
Now Available: 'Playing With Fire' Exclusive Pre-Order Packages

The Playing With Fire exclusive pre-order packages are available now for purchase! 

The ultimate "Hey Heartbreak" package includes a Playing With Fire digital album, signed CD, album tee, leather journal, and signed guitar. Head to to see all the available pre-order packages. Playing With Fire is Jennifer's second solo studio album and includes 11 tracks, including her latest single "Unlove You." 

Read More to pre-order yours today!

March 29, 2016
Jennifer Nettles Named Outnumber Hunger Spokesperson

Jennifer has teamed up with General Mills to lead their Outnumber Hunger campaign! 

Look for Jennifer’s face on specially marked General Mill packages like Cheerios. Then enter the code on the back of the package and your ZIP code online to provide five meals for your local food bank. Visit to learn more. 

"When you put this code into the Outnumber Hunger website, it doesn't randomly send five meals anywhere. So you know then you are making an impact on your own community," expressed Nettles. "And that kind of grass-roots impact, but at a huge level that can be a countrywide level, is super compelling." 

Big Machine Music Group and General Mills are in their fifth year of partnership and General Mills has worked with Feeding America since 1978. Recent statistics say 48 million Americans struggle with hunger. Big Machine Music Group, General Mills and Feeding America teamed up in hopes of addressing the issue. Read more about the Outnumber Hunger campaign on